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a selection of pet freindly holiday parks in DevonIf you’re planning a park holiday for the family you really want to include all of your family. And that means the pet dogs too. It can be very expensive and very upsetting for you and your pets if you leave them behind in kennels. You also put unnecessary pressure and responsibility on relatives and friends if you have them pet sit for a week or two. So it makes sense all round to take the pets with you. They need to be with you, not placed in unfamiliar surroundings, and let’s face it your dogs deserve a holiday with you. They spend their lives giving you their loyalty, their love and affection and can feel betrayed when dumped in a strange environment.

These days many parks in Devon welcome your dogs. Some even make special arrangements for them providing dedicated exercise areas and other facilities. Whether you’re proposing a stay in a caravan, a chalet or a lodge, or touring with your own caravan or motor home, you will find plenty of parks throughout the county to willingly accommodate you all. You will find too that’s it not just the park that is accommodating to our canine friends. Devon flourishes with all sorts of attractions that are alive to the fact people holiday with their pets and make allowances for them. Many beaches are restriction-free when it comes to dogs and more and more pubs and restaurants are making provision for dogs. So choose carefully and you won’t have to leave the dogs in your vehicle on a hot day.

Don't walk the legs off your dog on holiday in Devon

Be prepared with water and doggy snacks


on holiday in Devon with dogBack at the park there will be rules and guides regarding dogs and, as a responsible owner, you will know to follow them rigidly. Always be aware that not all people are comfortable with dogs and even some dogs are not comfortable with other dogs. Keep your dog on a lead until its absolutely safe not to. When travelling always take plenty of water with you, and stop frequently so you and the dogs can stretch legs. There is so much to see in Devon you could spend the whole day in your car so choose the places of interest that are close to your park. The same rules apply when walking. In Devon costal paths with extraordinary views abound as does beautiful countryside you could get carried away with the hike. Remember that your dog, although with one in each corner, doesn’t have legs as long as you and will tire easier – especially a more senior dog.

Whatever you may miss on your current holiday you can catch at a future date as you are sure to come back to glorious Devon time and time again. If it’s a beach holiday you opted for this time try out something different next time. Activity holidays, countryside holidays, adventure holidays the choice is limitless in Devon and many of its scores of dog friendly holiday parks will provide the perfect base for you, the family and the dog to ensure you all have a wonderful time no matter what you do.

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