Pet-friendly holiday cottages with a hot tub, Devon

A little pampering in a hot tub goes down well during a holiday in Devon


best spa breaks cottages devon hot tub dogs welcomeWith more people holidaying in the UK the standards of self-catering accommodation are improving all the time. An increasing number of owners are opening their doors to the family dogs as well as to the family and making sure that the facilities are there for them. The same can be said for a lot of attractions, places of interest and pubs and restaurants.

Devon has always been a popular holiday hot spot enticing visitors with its moderate climate, its expansive beaches, picturesque villages and superb scenery, catering for everyone and their dogs whatever pursuit they follow. Sailing, walking, surfing or simply chilling out, Devon is the place to go - north, south or anywhere in between.

And for those who want just a bit more from their holiday a lot of self-catering homes are now including a hot tub in the facilities. What a way to end the perfect day? Together under the stars, wine or champagne in hand, while the warm jets relax and soothe you as you make your plans for the next day. Oh, the sheer luxury of it! Tailor- made for discerning holidaymakers where pampering is high on the holiday itinerary.

The beautiful farmhouse accommodation shown in the photograph is of a farmhouse for 12 people with hot tub in Somerset, not far from Devon.

Devon is wonderful, hot tub or not

A good time in Devon for all on holiday - including your dog.

And while on the subject of pampering, your four legged friends won’t be welcome in the hot tub and probably wouldn’t welcome the experience anyway, but they would appreciate some pampering. Remember they are in unfamiliar surroundings and may be a little perplexed, nervous even. Make a fuss of them all the time, talk to them and groom them often. After an energetic, and hopefully, warm day, they will appreciate that, so indulge them in a bit of luxury of their own.

Full instructions will be provided on the use of the hot tub by the home owner, but as with all bodies of water safety is paramount. If you are on a family holiday don’t let young children go into or near the hot tub unattended, and if the dog is curious keep a wary eye on him or her.

With so much to see and so many places to visit in Devon it is probable that you will spend a considerable amount of time in the car. Make sure that the dogs are comfortable, have plenty to drink and are exercised frequently. If you’re out for a meal find a restaurant or pub that is happy to accommodate pets. There are plenty of them around the county. If you are on a long walk stop often and give the dog a rest. And if the wonderful village of Clovelly with its cobbles, tiny cottages, craft and book shops is on your must do list take the up-along down-along walk down to the harbour, but take the Land Rover ride back up.

Whatever part of lovely Devon you choose to visit you are sure of a warm welcome and so are the dogs. Just be a responsible owner and respect others wishes and rules and regulations on the beaches, the moors and establishments you visit.

Pet-friendly Holidays hot tub Devon breaks with your dog.

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Happy holidays in Devon is all about good accommodation, good food and good weather. A hot tub is a desirable bonus.

You'll have a good holiday in Devon if you have a good quality comfortable accommodation, good food that you enjoy, freedom to do what pleases you and the sun shines.

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